Tories and NDP square off over missing e-mails

Benjamin Perrin. (Ross Romaniuk/QMI Agency, file)

Benjamin Perrin. (Ross Romaniuk/QMI Agency, file)

Mark Dunn, Senior National Reporter

, Last Updated: 4:16 PM ET

OTTAWA — Conservatives blocked opposition's attempts Tuesday to learn how e-mails critical to the investigation into the Senate spending scandal vanished for many months before mysteriously resurfacing.

Tories signalled they would quash an NDP motion at the Commons ethics committee to interrogate bureaucrats and political staffers about the e-mails the RCMP had been told were erased.

Police were initially informed the e-mails belonging to Benjamin Perrin were purged when the prime minister's legal counsel resigned in March, as is custom when political aides quit. That's a practice the NDP also wants reviewed.