Ex-Hydro One worker tells of crew's lazy summer

A picture supplied by a former Hydro One employee. He says it shows workers slacking off on company...

A picture supplied by a former Hydro One employee. He says it shows workers slacking off on company time.

Joe Warmington, QMI Agency

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TORONTO - It’s a shocking series of photographs showing Hydro One workers getting paid top dollar to lounge around by a lake and even take a nap.

There is no line for that on customers’ hydro bills but it’s potentially jolting explanation of the industry’s financial mess and skyrocketing rates.

Imagine the freedom, as one former Hydro One worker described, of being on a permanent working vacation up in Muskoka earlier this year with very little emphasis on the work and heavy emphasis on the pay.

In fact, he said, many spend the days working out in rural and remote parts of Ontario sleeping on Hydro One marked boats or docks or making a nice day of it on the lake while the ratepayers paid their wages.

No wonder your hydro bill could be going up 42% in the next five years.

This comes on the heels of Ontario’s auditor general pointing out off-the-charts salaries at Ontario Power Generation to a point where a red-faced energy minister decided to fire three top executives.

So while the people responsible for generating the electricity in the province have been called out for their overspending, those who deliver the power don’t appear to be immune to abusing your money, either.

Hydro One said it will investigate the photos.

The former worker said they should.

“I worked for Hydro One for six years and I could have done that work in a year and a half,” said the disgruntled ex-employee.

The worker said he is upset because he wanted to work but neither the union nor management desired his keen approach.