Analysis: Leaders optimistic about next year at Queen's Park

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, left, Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne and PC Leader Tim Hudak. (REUTERS)

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, left, Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne and PC Leader Tim Hudak. (REUTERS)

Christina Blizzard, QMI Agency

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TORONTO „Ÿ It's like political speed dating.

At the end of a rambunctious and at times jaw-dropping session of parliament, Toronto Sun Bureau Chief Antonella Artuso and I sprinted through three interviews with Premier Kathleen Wynne, PC leader Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath of the NDP, bumping into reporters from other news outlets as we arrived and left each office.

In the second-floor premier's office, I asked Wynne if she planned to bring back the legislature after the Christmas break.

There's a school of thought that says she'd be wise to prorogue parliament. Shut it down and put an end to those pesky committees on Ornge that have become an ongoing embarrassment.

Instead of bringing back the legislature, she could go straight to an election.

Will the house be coming back, I asked?

"Oh yes," she said. "We'll be back."

MPPs will return after the Family Day holiday in February.

"We have two byelections and we'll make a determination on when to hold those byelections," she told me.

Two seats -- Niagara Falls and Thornhill -- are up for grabs after long-time Liberal Kim Craitor and former Tory finance critic Peter Shurman quit.

It's been a hectic 10 months since Wynne took over from Dalton McGuinty in February.

She's had to deal with the fallout from his disastrous decisions. The $1.1 billion to scrap two gas plants? The Ornge scandal? OPG mismanagement? Blame McGuinty.

Was she angry that her first year was marred by his bad actions, I asked?

"I was part of the government. I was very aware when I decided to run for the leadership the things that we were going to deal with," she said, although she admitted there were some land mines.

"Some things have come up since I've been in office that I wasn't aware of," she said.