Rob Ford: QMI news story and newsmaker of the year

Ted Rath, QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 6:59 AM ET

In early November, Toronto’s Karon Liu was on vacation in Peru. At the Cocoa Museum in Cusco, his guide turned to him and asked: “So, what’s with your mayor?”

Pardon the weight joke, but that’s how big Rob Ford got.

That’s why his story was an overwhelming pick for editors as both QMI Agency News Story of the Year and QMI Agency Newsmaker of the Year.

Editors from QMI Agency’s newsrooms across Canada were polled in early December. Rob Ford’s bizarre saga was voted to the top of both categories.

And just a heads up to Peru: You came late to the party. Toronto, and Canada in general, were cruelly enjoying Ford’s antics even before a crack video came to light this spring.

Remember his horribly failed weight-loss challenge when he was busted coming out of a KFC and actually gained weight? Or when he fell down throwing a football? Actually, the world caught up on that one when late night TV went back in the archives for their favourite new target.

As Ford’s crack scandal really unfolded in the fall — with the one-for-the-ages “probably in one of my drunken stupors” admission line — late night TV just sat back and let videos roll of Canada’s favourite buffoon mayor.

Parodies abounded. “More than enough to eat at home” T-shirts were sold.

For a while there, it’s safe to say, there was hardly a more familiar name on Earth.