Cyberbullying becomes a national issue in wake of family's 'unending nightmare'

Rehtaeh Parsons. (Facebook)

Rehtaeh Parsons. (Facebook)

Sheena Goodyear, QMI Agency

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In 2013, Rehtaeh Parsons became the posterchild for Canada's war on cyberbullying.

The Nova Scotia girl's smiling face has appeared next to headline after headline about reports and legislation aimed at protecting young Canadians.

Rehtaeh, 17, was taken off life support in April after she hung herself. Her parents allege she was raped by four boys at 15 and tormented after a lewd image of the attack was shared around town.

Her father, Glen Canning, has since become an anti-bullying advocate in an effort to "bring something positive thing out of this whole mess."

He's worked alongside other families in the same boat, like Carol Todd, mother of Amanda Todd, the 15-year-old Port Coquitlam, B.C., girl who posted a YouTube video in 2012 about how she was tormented by her peers when a man leaked her picture after coercing her into exposing herself on webcam. She killed herself soon after.