Gawker's 'Crackstarter' funds 4 Ont. charities

Illustration used on Gawker's

Illustration used on Gawker's "Crackstarter" crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Jenny Yuen, QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 3:25 PM ET

TORONTO -- The emergence of the video showing Mayor Rob Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine benefited four Toronto-area charities.

Each charity received $46,195 US from Gawker's Crackstarter Fund, which reached its $200,000 goal on May 27.

Gawker, a New York-based gossip website, had asked for donations to buy the controversial video. But Gawker lost contact with the sellers of the video, so it donated the funds -- less 4% to Indiegogo for hosting fees -- to the organizations.

The cash went to the Somali Canadian Association, of Etobicoke; Unison Health and Community Services, a North York and northwestern Toronto harm reduction outreach group; South Riverdale Community Health Centre, on Queen St. E.; and the Ontario Regional Addiction Partnership Committee, an umbrella organization which passed on the money to National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program in Ontario (NNADAP).