Canada's tallest man hits the big time

Canada's tallest man, Jerry Sokoloski at seven-foot-eight feet tall, towers over other pedestrians...

Canada's tallest man, Jerry Sokoloski at seven-foot-eight feet tall, towers over other pedestrians in Toronto on August 19, 2014. (STAN BEHAL/QMI Agency)

Mike Strobel, Toronto Sun

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TORONTO - Looks like Jerry Sokoloski, of Etobicoke, has finally hit it big.

Jerry, Canada’s tallest man, has a title role in the new Hollywood epic, David and Goliath, due out next spring.

Guess who he plays.

The movie flacks are calling Jerry 7-foot-8, but that’s Hollywood for you. I measured him shy of 7-6 a couple of years back.

“I’m 7-7 in shoes,” he tells me. Size 25 shoes, I might add.

Canada's tallest man, Jerry Sokoloski at seven-foot-eight feet tall, has landed a Hollywood title role playing Goliath in "David and Goliath." Photographed on August 19, 2014. (STAN BEHAL/QMI Agency)

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Whatever your yardstick, he’s no hobbit. Shaquille O’Neal (7-foot-1), who took a shine to him and still sends him shoes, used to introduce him at parties as “the big guy.”

David and Goliath wrapped filming in Tunisia, which stands in for Biblical Palestine, this summer. The film has a reported $50-million budget, but director Tim (The Genius Club) Chey chose a no-name cast. Brit Miles Sloman plays giant-killer David.

If you went to Sunday school, you know how it ends. “I get my head chopped off with a sword,” says Sokoloski, 31, gleefully.

I’m happy for the big galoot. It’s not easy being 7-6 in a 5-9 world.

Pro basketball would seem a no-brainer. I first encountered Jerry in 2002 at Father Henry Carr high school in Etobicoke, when he had NBA stardust in his eyes.

But he was as slow as he was big, and despite a few tryouts, was never drafted.

So he worked security — you haven’t been bounced till you’ve been bounced by Jerry — and doggedly sought his niche. A reality show proposal fell flat and a car accident wrecked his wrestling career before it started.

Last time I saw him, in 2011, he seemed a little down, even for such a gentle giant.

Then, finally, things started looking up. First, he landed a lucrative commercial, armwrestling Mr. Clean.

Then, his agent saw the casting call for David and Goliath.

“I like the idea of playing villains,” Jerry tells me. And you can’t beat Goliath for villainy.



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