August 12, 2013 
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What do you think about Tim Hortons?
Mon, August 12, 2013

An Alberta woman has launched a $100,000 lawsuit against an Edmonton Tim Hortons after alleging she said she was seriously sickened from drinking a "toxic" iced coffee.

Full story: Woman sues Timmies for 'toxic' ice coffee

What do you think about Tim Hortons?


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Who is Tim Hortons? Johnnie Horton sang some good old songs. What did Tim sing? I don't drink coffee, never say the reason to sip on that crap. Don't tell me that sober people will drink that stuff. Just dip some fluids out of a ditch and save your money.
my view, 2013-08-22 19:37:58

Dirty Dirty drive through in Smithers BC. Filthy drive thru window looks like it has not been washed since the place opened. Take a peek in when they fix your coffee. They use the same stir stick, probably all day. Ask for toasted light on cream cheeses bagel and it's burnt with a inch of cream cheese. Some staff is polite some are raised without basic manners. If you are on the road skip Smithers. Terrace is clean and service is always good. Plus you won't feel sick for your journey.
em, 2013-08-22 01:55:48

Their contest to create a new donut flavour was stupid because it was on stupid FACEBOOK! In other words, the more "friends" you have on facebook, the better your chances. Dumb management of an interesting idea. Like facebook, Tim Horton's bites.
HGA, 2013-08-15 15:48:43

I think Tim Hortons is and over rated place to have a coffee.
Bucadogg, 2013-08-13 15:17:13

This makes interesting reading, especially the guy who won a donut and then was offended when he could not trade his 50 cent donut for the two dollar danish...really, your really thought you could do that..unbelievable.

To the lady that got sick from drinking the toxic coffee - I think you are just plain unlucky. It seems the 40 people that ordered the same thing before you and the 500 that ordered the same thing after you did not get sick. There must have been a lump of sickness floating in the constantly stirred mixture and lucky you got it or maybe, just maybe it had nothing to do with the coffer that no one elst got sick from drinking and you are just trying to make a fast buck from a case of the flu.

In agreement with some of the comments it is true that the3 quality of the product and of the coffee has plumetted in the last couple of years since Tims went big time and decided that fresh ment that the dproduct was mas produced in a factory a thousand miles away, frozen and then thawed on site. Honest guys, you can tell and from recent coffee tasting I am not convinced the coffee isnt frozen and thawed as needed as well.
Bill Kimber, 2013-08-12 15:39:45

Interesting, Amazing & Shocking. I buy Medium coffee and Pecan Danish every day 3 days a week; first time I won free donut, same Tim same attendant I render my free donut and asked her to give me Pecan Danish instead She refused and told me ‘give this free donut to some one else’; I said, keep it or through it, I don’t eat donut, and left. My question is If I WIN free coffee and ask for it, which one I will get M’L’S. Promotion spending millions of dollars but still scrooge.

Intéressant, fantastique et choquant. J’achète un Café moyen et un Danois pacanes, 3

Jours par semaine; la première foi, je gagne un Beigne gratuit, au même Tim avec même préposée, je lui tends mon billet-beigne-gratuit et lui demande un Danois-pacanes à la place d’un beigne. Elle refuse et me dit : Donnez le beigne gratuit à quelqu’un d’autre!

Je réponds : gardez-le ou jetez-le, je ne mange pas de beigne; et je partis. VOICI ma question : ‘Si je gagne un Café-gratuit et que je le reçois, je suis libre du format

Les promotions exigent des 1 000 000.$, mais adorent les profits.

Jaffar Hashmi, 2013-04-09 13:42:24

I feel sorry for coffee addicts in general. However, when there are cars lined up into the street from a TH's drive-thru, that's unacceptable. Traffic shouldn't have to be disrupted so you can get your "fix". I also don't like the business "disguise" they use in the U.S. They should have opened their stores there as a proud Canadian company instead of as a "suck -up" company.
SG, 2013-03-26 18:27:17

I hate it, personally the coffee if you can call it that.. there sandwiches are okay, and I like a donut now and again, one thing I never understand is do you want that toasted.. who toasts an egg salad sandwich.. lol
LU, 2013-03-07 10:10:18

I'm less than impressed with Tim Hortons.

The donuts are smaller, cooked offsite, frozen then thawed at the store. The coffee is 3rd rate and the prices are astounding. The sheer number of price increases over the past 2 years is insulting.

It's time to say goodbye to Tim Hortons. Quality and price just aren't there anymore.
Private Party, 2013-03-06 19:47:20

Millions of Canadians can't be wrong.

Redneck Larry, 2013-03-04 15:35:57

- - You mean the millions of Canadians who avoid Tim's like the plague?
HGA, 2013-03-06 08:00:31

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