May 23, 2012 
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Do you believe what David Suzuki tells you?
Wed, May 23, 2012

Ivey School of Business economist Mike Moffatt joins Charles Adler to talk about David Suzuki's economic ignorance - and reality.

Full story: Suzuki vs. Reality

Do you believe what David Suzuki tells you?


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Much more than any government source
Jim, 2012-11-12 07:20:40

I am in-between, I enjoy listening to him, but what he says is kind of one-sided. Sure I want the world to go on, but to survive we need to do certain things.
Graehaus, 2012-11-10 07:00:56

Yes. He has a Phd in Zoology and is a former genetics professor at UBC. Without question, one of the most experienced and respected environmentalists in the world.

I guess the negative posts below come from better informed individuals though.
Corporate VP, 2012-11-07 14:19:47

If He get enough of a mass of people converted We will be living in caves again ( He won't Be though He will still be flying all around the Country speaking all about His version of things ) and fighting wild animals off with sticks as any form of consumption is bad for anything and everything. climate change is inevitable it has happened probably countless times the Planet is a fluid place and the blame being put on us wholy is only a ploy to pick Our pockets with molre taxes, Thank You for Stephen Harper a clear head in the fogg of climate change.

what would He say about the Steam Engine that Railroads at one time used?
Rick Armstrong, 2012-11-05 17:57:54

This whole question illustrates the double standard we have in our society. We are surrounded with people who are zealous in their defense of free enterprise and how it will cure all ills, despite all the proof to the contrary. So we have one person who has the podium to do the same thing for the left, and we're supposed to ignore him because he chooses to fight fire with fire? Scientists everywhere have the facts and can clearly illustrate the problems associated with climate change, if not the exact severity we will eventually see. But just reciting the volumes of research on the topic does nothing to convince the average person to change their life. Someone has to sensationalize things to get people's attention, and that is where Dr. Suzuki does do a good job. He spices it up while all the while NOT losing touch with the science and making absurd claims. He has struck a good balance and that is why people pay attention to him AND they trust him.

Rick W., 2012-11-05 10:49:02

Reality is truth

For years I have diagreed with Mr.Suzuki but could never find any favor with others. I believe Mr. Suzuki is a glory hound who would better suited for the evangelist circles. I believe he takes information and exagerates the gross effects to scare people into his train of thought. He has lived the life which shows that to be loud means that you are right, not. You think that with his rightious attitude he would take an oath of poverty to make sure that his rants would be heeded and not use the money to live well off the people who "support" his words or is it just an false front from him, his family,companies and government to join the band wagon and appear to be as considerate to the enviroment? If the Suzuki family truly believe in there cause let them remove themselves from the avails of public money by living as a common average person and give the millions of dollars to worthy fuctional enviromental causes. Who am I?, I am nobody with any amount of education or money and of corse with no money comes no clout. I am just tired of the people who complain with no practicle solution for the problems. We have contributed to the world as it is but we are not the cause. Ice has to melt, as it melts it creats more water which in turn helps speed up the melting of ice which raises the temp. because of the lack of ice. We live in a pardox which existed before time. to repair the issues means to retrain the earth. Maybe I am out to lunch but this is the way I see the issue. We did not create all or the problems but we do assist in the problems.
Brian Gozjolko, 2012-11-04 16:47:53

He has got a great con going for fruit fly guy.

Did he and Madoff go to the same school?
canadian patriot, 2012-11-04 12:40:43

Suzuki is a zealot.

Of course everyone should take all the steps they can to minimize their environmental impact, but to condemn governments for not ignoring the impact to the economy (and by extension, the cost of feeding our families) of implementing every green scheme that comes down the pipe (usually at great cost for small effect) just shows how out of touch he is.

The truth in what he says is muted by his over zealous arrogance.

uplink, 2012-11-03 10:38:21

Wow. A totally sensible post from Cliff for once. Someone had to of written it for him. But regardless was still a very good post
Mrs-Brigand, 2012-11-03 09:56:49

I don't believe EVERYTHING Suzuki says. But at the same time I don't Discount everything he says either.

I do believe that there is a lot of truth to his stance and I think we as a species can and must show a little more respect to the planet we call home.

If not for the planet's sake or the myriad of species that share it with us then for our descendants'.

Yet it seems that every other stance is either totally behind Suzuki or they think he's a nutbar with extra nuts.

Corporate greed, Pollution and smog has decimated thousands upon thousands of species. Species our grand kids will only know about from history books.

That's criminal in my mind.

The same culprits are responsible for untold thousands of deaths among humans annually.

Despite what the naysayers claim, CO2 (and other by products of civilization) is a greenhouse gas that has been proven to trap heat in our atmosphere.

Although they are right when they point out that CO2 is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is released in huge quantities through natural processes, does that negate the billions of tons of this gas spewed into our atmosphere annually? or are we enhancing the natural process to a potentially dangerous tipping point?

Yes the planet goes through hot and cold cycles naturally. The most obvious being seasonal variation.I dare say that most of you would think that adding more wood to the fireplace in summertime would be foolish, yet pumping even more heat trapping gases into the atmosphere is OK because it happens in nature anyway? Until we know without a doubt that it will have no detrimental affect on future generations, I think we need to be a little more circumspect.

When I look at the raping and pillaging of this planet, and the garbage and pollution we strew indiscriminately I wonder how we ever came to the conclusion that humans are a rational species.

Floating islands of trash in the pacific ocean, pollution in the antarctic, destruction of rain and arboreal forests, An ever increasing number of species rely on zoos to guarantee their continued existence, strip mining and contamination of water sources.

It's insane the way we can make excuses and rationalize our actions.

CliffStir, 2012-11-02 16:24:46

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