July 7, 2010 
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Should the Queen stay in Rideau Hall?
Wed, July 7, 2010

Jean-Daniel Lafond didn’t want the Queen to bunk at Rideau Hall when the monarch visited the nation’s capital last week, QMI Agency has learned.

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Dear Ted (Ted, 2010-07-07 18:26:27)

As a Canadian living in the USA, I urge you to rethink your statements. When my time is done here, there won't be a jet too fast to get me back to Canada (even with all our challenges). Violence, health care, racism, anti-immigrant sentiments, constant job surveillance and a sinking economy make the USA a challenging place. I will say the taxes and prices of commodities make the sacrifice worth the effort (but I would still rather live in Canada - anywhere).
Jake in DC, 2010-07-07 21:07:16

I am no fan of the monarchy for Canada; we are brilliant on our own, however I believe the core problem is not the GG and her rude husband, but in truth our "politeness". We have too polite to demand the parties ignore the vocal minorities, allowing those who are not Canadians to rape our great country of all the things we value. It is a crying shame that in the Parliament of Canada there exists a balance of power held by a party that represents only one Province. Only when we listen to all Canadians, and develop policies to the benefit of ALL Canadians in EVERY province and spurn the lobbying of foreign interests and special interest groups will we achieve what we are capable of achieving. I for one will welcome anyone to Canada as long as they will become Canadian. To hell with being political correct - Canada for Canadians!
Jake in DC, 2010-07-07 21:01:07

what a bunch of useless canadian complainers,likely all on social welfare somewhere in this great country,those who don't like our customs and culture would fit very nicely south of our border.Suck it up you conservatives.
Hub from sask, 2010-07-07 19:41:42

This ole sugar daddy shouldn't have being in Rideux hall in the 1st place and he still gets a free ride after his wife's term is over. It 's too bad his stupid comments tarnished her career as a Gov-Gen . She did a great job. . Too bad she wasn't better at picking out her man. Canada should have put hem on the Queens plane and dumped him out over France ,somewhere, the ole' croony'
David, 2010-07-07 19:00:18

QMI agency says he said that he didn't want the Queen staying there and the man himself denies saying it!!! Either this man is a GD liar (and should be exposed as just that) or QMI is fulla crap. What hard evidence does QMI have to prove that he said it? And I'm sick and tired of these sources who cannot be quoted because....

Don't get me wrong, I agree with many of the comments already on here about the uselessness and waste of tax dollars involved here and I certainly have no love for this individual but I'm equally as tired of people being branded "guilty until proven innocent" by someone with vague evidence. Let's have some credible names of the people who witnessed the man saying these things about the Queen's visit. Anyone can start a rumour, it's a favourite Canadian pastime.

Daviej, 2010-07-07 18:45:37

Mr. Ron Glynn -

When you call for getting "rid of all sponges and bums from the public purse", does that include the 30% of Canadians and immigrants who do not pay income tax? Or how about the money that goes into our symbols and heritage? Isn't that worth a dime? And whose 'ideals' should we follow anyways? I'd rather live the US where they guard their ideals, traditions and history at all costs. They are far more united as a nation in that sense than the regionalize bikering that we see up here.
Ted, 2010-07-07 18:26:27

Mr. Lafond should have a good hard look at the hand that fed his wife's and his film-maker ass...the Canadian taxpayer. The other reader said it right. Where was the GG during her boss's visit?..in China playing with pandas.

I wasn't born here but have embraced every part of this country's heritage and traditions...and that includes the monarchy...which has been part of our history since the first explorers arrived here. Perhaps Lafond should do the same.

As for those who call for Canada's abolition of the monarchy, that process alone will divide this country and strip us of an emblem that is deeply entrenched in our laws, our military, our very parliamentary system! The RCMP would just be the CMP.

The Queen's visit cost a mere $1million..no troubles...no protest..no riots. And for that money we got a reafirmation of our country's attachment to our 400 year history. By comparison, that useless G8/20 summit cost 1000 times more and we got nothing for it except photo-ops for a bunch of 'suits' and lots of broken glass.

If we should abolish anything it should be that other parasite..the seperatist Bloc Quebecois which has cost $300 million and has contributed ZILCH...event to Quebec.

Rant mode OFF!!

Terry, 2010-07-07 18:10:21

Hey Mike W,

We built it, we pay to keep it maintained. It belongs to US.

And who actually uses Wikipedia as a trusted source?? It can be edited anyway you want.

The Queen needs to go. Why we continue to follow her and stay in the Commonwealth just boggles the mind.
Scott, 2010-07-07 17:58:42

Lafond is a Separatist turd!! He doesn't respect the position his wife held, nor does he respect Canadians, or Canada's history and traditions. Lafond is a racist, and now that his actress wife is out of her job, he starts cozying up to his racist Separatist comrades. He's a petty, ignorant man, an interloper and a hypocrite. The guy's a douche-bag, good riddance.
Sean, 2010-07-07 17:51:25

How did this traitor get access to our royal residence. Take your French passport and move to France if you love it so much.
newc9999, 2010-07-07 17:22:03

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