January 16, 2012 
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Will Idle No More hurt the Canadian economy?
Mon, January 16, 2012

Native protesters once again blocked rail lines, stopping trains on main corridors in both Ontario and Manitoba, as part of a 'Day of Action' to bring attention to aboriginal issues by tying up traffic and trade.

Full story: Native protesters blockade main rail lines in 'Day of Action'

Will Idle No More hurt the Canadian economy?


This comment is FULLY MODERATED.


"So Buc says a white man isnt actually white! Strange."

You know, if you just want to troll with silly comments, then so be it. Of course the white man isn't actually white. We're more of a subtle shade of pink than white. Why do you think white mimes have to apply actualy white makeup? Wouldn't make sense if we are truly white! Nor is a black man actually black in color, rather a range from light to dark brown.

Racism begets racism

Silly begets silly.
The Crusher, 2013-02-13 14:28:57

The Crusher, 2013-02-11 15:09:37 Gee, and I thought "Blue Bloods" (monarchs) were annointed by both God then the Pope to be our superiors by virtue of their (often faked) lineage.

Not_the_Daddy, 2013-02-12 13:58:18

Regardless of the many valid comments below, and some absolute racist crap, I as a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant am a 5th rate citizen in my Canada.

My grand-children go to the BOTTOM of the list for federal or provincial employment because they are neither disabled, visible minority (which happens to be a majority in B.C.) Quebecois or so-called aboriginals or First Nation.

The first people to cross the Bering Sea land bridge eventually headed South and created the Mayan, Aztec and Inca cultures. There were many that followed and the LAST and latest populated what we now know as Canada....if anyone has rights to our great land it is those earliest to cross and specifically the offspring of the VERY FIRST to step on this continent. EVERYOPNE ELSE IS AN IMMIGRANT AND ALL SHOULD HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS.

That means, if I choose to protect the 18 foot easement that the city of Toronto has on my property for telephone poles, fire hydrants or below ground sewers with a GUN then I get arrested and so should the so called aboriginals when they arm or cause mayhem to protect their property.

The Constitution that Trudeau foisted on ALL of us denies the right to protect property..flawed as it is..it should be EQUALLY applied.
Not_the_Daddy, 2013-02-12 13:55:56

It is hard to imagine any system more racist than one which requires no other qualifications than a blood test for racial certification and associated special benefits, while all others who fail said blood test do not qualify for the same special treatment.

Racism begets racism.
The Crusher, 2013-02-11 15:09:37

Mother of 3.

You offer opinions, facts and the like but more than once state "The Native people have the right to fight".

So what is meant by fighting? Perahps the words should be more like "the right to be heard via working to correct injustices and work together with Canadians to establish a positive future.

You call many in this forum racist but over and over I hear aboriginals quote the "white man" which is not only racist but wrong in the first place.

Whatever has passed some good, mostly bad when it comes to how natives were reckoned with in Canada should not be the focus.

The focus is how can we integrate vs how can we maintain what was supposed to be.

I wish all those in charge to correct what we have but we do know how difficult a task that will be to have all agree, will never happen.

Always enjoyed the majority of my native brothers and sisters.

To those who used to call me the Honky Tonk in slowpitch (the only white guy on the native team) I cherish that memory and no rebeluous racist native can take that away from me.
Bucadogg, 2013-02-11 15:04:08

Why do "First Nation" people think that what some politician (or royal whoozit back in the day) told them a couple hundred years ago means anything today?

Politicians lie, always have,always will.

Are FN people special in that politicians can't lie to them?

Get over it.
uplink, 2013-02-11 14:43:48

Twitless RMB, I know NOTHING of you being correct on anything. I only know FACTS and if you happen to, in a rare show on sanity, agree with the facts, then so be it.

But PLEASE, cease and decist using MY name to try and prop your lowly self up, esp right after foolishly criticizing and riduculing previous FACTS I have posted in other topics, those same facts, scientifically proven and agreed by consensus. You are a simple fool anf a troll.
The Crusher, 2013-02-11 08:47:36

There are a lot of Ignorant people on this Forum.

My mother is Aboriginal and my father is Portuguese.

Read your Canadian History to upgrade your knowledge before you put Judgement on all Aboriginal people.

I pay my taxes. I work 40 hrs. a week like anyone else.

My mother & cousin are nurses, my aunt is a Social worker, many of my cousins work in the Band office. Almost all of my relatives are working accept my cousins who are taking care of their kids.

If one Reserve makes errors on their budget for their own people does not mean all Reserves are the same.

The Native people have the right to fight for what they believe. If you were shoved onto Reserves and try and make do with what you have, you too would be the one arguing for your right today. There are good and bad in all Races, so don`t put Judgement on all Aboriginal people. There are a lot of people working out there, paying their taxes, like you & I. How many non-Aboriginal people in Canada are on Welfare? Maybe they should go out there and get a job and pay their taxes.

Since my mother divorced after 37 yrs. of marriage, working as a nurse for all her life & paying taxes, has moved back to the Reserve and continued paying taxes. She inherited land from her parents, so she paid to have a house built on her land. She did not get a free house, like everyone thinks you get. All Reserves are different. I hate when people think that all houses are free. My whole family had to pay for their own houses to be built on their Reserve.

I can not wait to see the New Statistics of how many Aborigional people there are in Canada. I have collegues who were in the Military and did not apply for their Aboriginal Status and I am constantly bumping into people who did not know they had the right too. So the numbers are a lot higher than the 2006 Census Canada states. I am amazed at people I meet and I ask if they have Aboriginal in their family? They say no, then a few weeks later they come back and mention, oh ya, my grand-mother was Native.

My grandparents and Uncles were put in Residential schools. They could not talk about it, but I`ve read about the children being tortured, abused and many died. They did not ask to be sent there, they didn`t have a choice.

I see there is a lot of Racism on this Forum. I hope people can overcome their hatred and work together to make this country a better one. We are all brought here for a reason and we all have to live in Canada.

I take it very offencively all the negative comments on this Forum. Also for the comment to move them all the Quebec because they want to separate. For your information is not all Quebecer`s who want to separate. So to be prejudice against the people who live here, is uncalled for.

So do your studies and look into your own heritage and you will be surprised that they weren`t all perfect. There is good and bad in all races.


Will Idle No More hurt the Canadian economy?

How can you ask this question when we spend on so many things in our own country or other countries in the World!
motherof3, 2013-02-10 11:36:28

1871 - 1875: First Five Numbered Treaties

While many Aboriginal nations were skeptical of dealing with the new federal government, they had little choice. Declining buffalo herds and disease put many nations on the verge of extinction. They also risked the loss of their culture and way of life in the face of European settlement. To survive, many Aboriginals negotiated the surrender of land for very little in return: cash and supplies. They were left with small reserves that the government hoped they would farm.

Meanwhile, smaller treaties were signed in central and eastern Canada throughout this period as well, which saw the Aboriginals give up parts of their reserve land for white settlement, lighthouses and shooting ranges.

motherof3, 2013-02-10 09:44:31

In 1985 amendments to the Indian Act (widely known as Bill C-31) introduced a number of important changes affecting First Nations populations. Bill C-31 allowed for the reinstatement of Registered Indianstatus to individual who lost their status under certain conditions of the old Indian Act, mostly women who married non-Registered Indian men, and the ``first time`` registration of their children. Bill C-31 also allowed for entitlement to Indian registraion for children born to a Registered Indian on or after April 17, 1985 (under certain sub-sections of Section 6). This study focuses on the short and long term population impacts associated with theses changes and estimates the population impacts that could result from specific theoretical changes to the way registry status is assigned under the Indian Act.

On December 15, 2010 Bill C-3 Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act received Royal Assent and is in effect as of January 31, 2011. Bill C-3 will ensure that eligible grand-children of women who lost status as a result of marrying non-Indian men will become entitled to registration (Indian Status). Because of this legislation, approximately 45,000 persons will become newly entitled to registration.

As usual the statistics are higher than estimated.

Canadian National Aborigional Population

Census - 2006

1,172,785 Aborigional people in Canada, comprising 3.8% of the Canadian population.

Of the three Aborigional groups, North American Indians (698,025) had the largest population, followed by the Métis (389,780) and Inuits (50,480).

Bands in Canada and the number has gradually grown to 615 in 2010 representing more than 50 nations. A majority of bands in Canada have fewer than 1000 members; in 2006 there were approximately 800 000 registered Aboriginal people in the 615 bands. The two largest Bands are the Six Nations of the Grand River and the Mohawks of Akwsasne, both located in Ontario.

In 2005 approximately 53% of Aboriginal people lived on reserves, 3% lived on Crown Land, and 44% lived off-reserve but there has been a significant migraion to urban centres and by 2006 the cesus indicated that more than half of all Aboriginal people were living off-reserve.

Canadian Indian residential schools. A key goal of the system, which often separated children from their families and communities, has been described aas cultural genocide or ``killing the Indian in the child.``

motherof3, 2013-02-10 09:41:24

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