Quebec woman beaten to death by seniors' home workers: source

Police car lights. (QMI Agency)

Police car lights. (QMI Agency)

QMI Agency

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LONGUEUIL, Que. - Police have launched an investigation and seized surveillance footage after a woman died at a seniors' home south of Montreal.

A source told QMI Agency that the footage shows two staff members beating a woman.

"In the video, there are two nurses who are beating a resident at length," the anonymous source said. "The family had hidden cameras in their mother's room."

Police, acting on a complaint, confiscated the footage on November 27 and are analyzing it.

Police confirmed that an incident happened in July but they would not confirm that it was a beating.

"The information was only sent to us in November," police spokesman Jean-Pierre Vouthinos said. "We didn't know about it before that."

Nursing home chairwoman Nathalie Savoie told QMI that two workers have been fired and that they are "offering police their full co-operation."

The woman is the fourth client to die in the network of long-term care facilities in the past two years.

In October, an 87-year-old woman died at one of the homes after she spent four days with a broken hip and received no medical attention.

The woman had suffered the injury during a dispute with another resident.

The two elderly people were unattended at the time, but a video camera captured the scuffle, and Longueuil police and a coroner have opened separate investigations.

In 2011, a patients' rights group demanded an inquest into the same nursing-home network after two seniors died.