Sadistic torturer Siscoe declared dangerous offender

A 2008 photo of John Siscoe. (Toronto Police photo)

A 2008 photo of John Siscoe. (Toronto Police photo)

Sam Pazzano, QMI Agency

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TORONTO -- A sadistic man who inflicted months of almost daily brutality on his captive torture victim was declared a dangerous offender and locked up indefinitely, after a Superior Court judge ruling Friday.

"The atrocities are almost unspeakable," Justice John McMahon said in imposing an indefinite sentence against John Siscoe, who inflicted months of physical, psychological and sexual agony on a 32-year-old disability pensioner.

"The inhumanity and depravity are shocking. Siscoe displayed a complete lack of moral conscience," McMahon said.

Siscoe and his lover kept the man a virtual prisoner from September 2009 through January 2010. The man surrendered his cheque to Siscoe and stayed silent under threat of death to himself or his elderly parents.

The trio had moved from B.C. to Toronto that fall. The identitites of both the victim and Siscoe's co-accused girlfriend are covered by a publication ban.

Earlier this year McMahon described this case as "one of the worst torture and abuse cases in Canada" when he meted out an eight-year prison term to Siscoe's lover. She watched the depravity but did nothing to stop it.

McMahon said that the victim would have likely died from his devastating injuries had Toronto Police not rescued him from Siscoe's apartment on Jan. 19, 2010.