Reporters forced to hold it in during PM's visit


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MISSISSAUGA ó Now we know what the P in PM doesnít stand for.

Washroom access at Prime Minister Stephen Harperís Wednesday announcement at an Ontario highway maintenance yard was so restricted, female reporters were at one point ordered out of the john while trying to relieve themselves.

Later, a larger group of women were held back from the bathrooms until Harper had cleared the immediate vicinity.

ďI talked to them and they said thereís no problem - anyone can use the washrooms,Ē Andrew McDougall, deputy press secretary to Harper, said.

But when MacDougall was told reporters had just moments before been turned away by RCMP officers, he said it was up to the Mounties to make security decisions and he couldnít comment on those decisions.

Sun Media columnist Christina Blizzard and Globe and Mail reporter Karen Howlett tried to access the menís room - the only washroom available at the Ontario ministry of transport patrol yard on Edwards Ave. in Mississauga, prior to Harperís arrival.

Blizzard said she guarded the door while Howlett went inside but both were tossed by a member of the RCMP security detail.

Officers told the women they couldnít use the washrooms while Harper was inthe immediate area.

A short time later, they were told individuals could be escorted to use the facilities but only while the prime minister was at the podium for the news conference.

Not wishing to miss the event, the reporters opted to grit their teeth until Harper had finished taking questions.

Once he left, the women - including an eight-months pregnant Canadian Press reporter, were held back until the PM was clear of the area.

One officer said itís difficult to control access to some places the prime minister visits and thatís why washroom use is sometimes limited.

Harperís press conferences are notorious for being tightly controlled, with reporters having to put their names on a list if they wish to ask questions.