Six bad Santas brawl at SantaCon

Revelers dressed as Santa Claus pose for a picture at a park during the SantaCon event in New York...

Revelers dressed as Santa Claus pose for a picture at a park during the SantaCon event in New York December 14, 2013. Pub crawlers dressed like Santa Claus took part in New York's annual SantaCon. The revelers wore Santa suits or red minidresses with white trim and nearly all had Kris Kringle hats topped with a white pom-pom. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

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Six loaded Santas scrapping on a snowy sidewalk.

That was one of the more memorable images from the 2013 edition of SantaCon that happened in New York Saturday.

Despite a call from organizers asking participants "to keep your spirits contained and your candy cane in your pants," six Kris Kringles and an elf tried to knock each other's lights out after the event ended. The scrap was recorded by a resident of an apartment building.

WARNING: Video contains strong language

SantaCon began in 1997 and organizers describe it as "a non-denominational, non-commercial, non-political and non-sensical Santa Claus convention that occurs once a year for absolutely no reason."

Essentially an hours-long bar crawl in Manhattan, SantaCon's reputation has been sullied by folks dressed as Christmas trees, reindeers and Santas drinking themselves numb and acting up.

Last week, John Cocchi, a police lieutenant in Hell's Kitchen, where Santas converged last year, sent an open letter to bar owners urging caution when it came to serving Santas.

"Having thousands of intoxicated partygoers roam the streets urinating, littering, vomiting and vandalizing will not be tolerated in our neighborhood," he wrote.

SantaCon, which bills itself as a charity fundraiser, is now held in 317 locations in 44 countries. In New York City, the event has grown from several hundred people in the first year to an estimated 30,000 last year, the New York Times reported.