Extreme couponer earned money for heroin addiction: Police

QMI Agency, file

QMI Agency, file

QMI Agency

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An extreme couponer in Arizona made fake coupons to buy items that she returned to another store for a full refund, using the money she made to pay for her $145 a day heroin addiction, police say.

Terry Darcy, 51, earned up to $1 million in redemptions, Phoenix police told the Arizona Republic newspaper.

In the U.S., some retailers allow shoppers to double up on coupons, apply them to sale items, or use coupons worth more than the cost of the item, meaning customers get money back.

Police said Darcy allegedly also used fake coupons in area Target stores to buy items on sale in one store, and returning them to get the full price back at another location, My Fox Phoenix reported.

Darcy was arrested for a number of charges, including trafficking stolen property.