Hundreds of holiday hams stolen from Ontario business

An ad was posted on Kijiji selling

An ad was posted on Kijiji selling "lots of hams". (Kijiji screengrab)

QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 6:16 PM ET

Several hundred holiday hams have been snatched from a London, Ont., business just days before Christmas.

Jeff Brode of Honey-Bee Hams Co. said thieves snapped the locks off a rented mobile refrigeration unit Friday night, making off with the hams. Brode said they've been so busy with orders, he did not have time to count just how many were taken.

He said anyone who has placed an order will still get a ham, and they're still taking orders.

Hours after the hams were stolen, someone on the website Kijiji put up an ad saying they had "lots of hams" to sell.

"They aren't quite glazed and are a bit unfinished, but they're still delicious, and way cheaper than the grocery store," the ad said. "Need to get rid of these ASAP - not a lot of fridge space!"