Gas junkie caught fuelling addiction



QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 11:23 PM ET

Brian Taylor just wanted to get gassed over the holidays.

Taylor's problem is he's on an "anti social behaviour" order banning him from going near gas stations.

That's because, the U.K. Mirror reports, dozens of times over several years Taylor's been caught drinking and sniffing at the pumps.

The gas guzzler's first anti social behaviour order was issued in 2005.

He broke that order twice over the holidays, slashing gas pump hoses to get his fix of fumes.

The Mirror reports the serial gas sniffer likes to catch a buzz at the pumps "before doing a little jig" while high.

Taylor, 45, of of Brotton, in North Yorkshire, England, fuelled his addiction twice Dec. 30.

He confessed in court New Year's Eve, and was handed a 16-week suspended sentence and fined.