Glove left in woman after hysterectomy



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, Last Updated: 11:27 AM ET

British doctors left a surgical glove inside a woman after performing a hysterectomy.

The Derby Telegraph reports that Sharon Birks discovered the glove herself, when it came out three days after the operation.

She was still recovering in hospital and had just had her catheter removed.

"It was horrible. When I went to the toilet, I just remember having this feeling something had dropped in my stomach.

"Then I felt something rubbery and, the next thing I know, I'm pulling out this great big surgeon's glove, and there's this blood gushing everywhere.

"I just felt sick and giddy and I went straight to the nurse. They gave me a full internal examination and people came down to talk to me about it.

"I would hate to think what would have happened if I'd have gone home before this was discovered."

Royal Derby Hospital trust chief executive Sue James apologized to Birks and told the Telegraph an investigation is underway.