Man caught masturbating while texting and driving

(QMI Agency Photo Illustration)

(QMI Agency Photo Illustration)

QMI Agency

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A British man caught masturbating while driving his car naked during a steamy text-messaging session has been fined and ordered to do community service.

Another driver spotted Neal Marshall, 49, touching himself on Aug. 8 and called police with Marshall's licence plate, the Chester Chronicle reported. When police contacted Marshall, he told police he had "no comment."

His lawyer Adrian Evans said the case is "bizarre" but Marshall simply got "carried away" while messaging another person. Evans said Marshall never intended for anyone to see what he was doing.

"This does not excuse his actions, but it goes a way to explain why he was seen doing it," Evans said.

Marshall, who lives in Cheshire, pleaded guilty Wednesday to a charge of outraging public decency. He was also ordered to do community service in 2008 for the same charge.